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AFC Software delivers world class Analytics, Planning and Consolidation solutions and is a collaboration between XLCubed, a UK based software provider and Solitwork, a Danish Business Intelligence company focussing on the area of finance. 

Bringing together two major players within the Business Intelligence sector across the UK and Scandinavia, afcsoftware aims to improve, optimise and enhance a company as well as their subsidiaries with their use of data and automated processes regarding both consolidation and internal analytics, to achieve a more data driven decision making process. With a state of the art BI platform and intuitive class leading front-end tools, afcsoftware provides you with the best of both worlds.  


The AFC Consolidator business solution is an effective and tested automated financial consolidation platform. The platform can be tailored to your company needs and unique business rules whilst focusing on the quality, control and accessibility of your company’s huge amount of data.

AFC Consolidator is a secure consolidation platform, which ensures the optimisation of financial processes and creates transparency of all your critical business data across the company.

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​One truth.

AFC Analytics makes understanding and managing your multiple data systems and formats as seamless as possible to allow for functional analysis of all business areas within the company. AFC Analytics ensures precise and consolidated data analysis which is visualised through a state of the art BI-platform. Reports can also be customised and adapted to your own needs.

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The collaboration with Solitwork in implementing a solution that ensures transparency across our business in one system, has demonstrated that Solitwork is a very competent and reliable collaborator. Solitwork were able to provide us with deep and technical advice combined with a 100% business orientated solution.

Kim Mose, Director business performance and controlling, BESTSELLER

You quickly experience the high level of competencies internally within Solitwork. This combined with the fact that many of the consultants have been working at “the other side of the desk” provides a lot of security in the process.

Villads Kirkegaard-Jensen, Finance Director, ADP

Within 30 minutes I have the possibility to make a new report in excel and publish it on our web portal. In the area of business intelligence I have to a high extent become self-serviced.

Bill Tobin, Finance Director, Xergi

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We would love to talk to you and discuss how to optimise and automate your consolidation process, or how to ensure your operational data is updated to your reports in near-real-time, with advanced visual, intuitive and analytical front-end reporting. 

If you would like a demo of either AFC Analytics or AFC Consolidator, or would like to learn more about how we can benefit your organisation, then please get in touch!

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